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Fat Man Cat Bite is starting to make waves in the Baltimore music scene. 98 rock has two tracks in rotation and the band is in the studio cranking out a 7 song EP. To get a feel for what they're about, click any of the three songs below.

About the Band

Fat Man Cat Bite is a Baltimore based rock band formed in 2010. The group is composed of guitarist/vocalist Steven Thomas, drummer/vocalist Trevor Best, guitarist Daric Simons, and bassist Jason Butler.

The band blends unorthodox melodies and unpredictable shifts in rhythm and tempo with driving in your face Rock and Roll. One can hear the influences of the members current and former projects, yet the sound they've crafted in this line up is entirely new.


Waiting Download

Hand Basket Download

Release Me

Bands We Play With

Dreamboat Armada

Grilled Lincolns

Phantom Limbs


Zach Deputy

Amaretto Meltdowns

Victims of Experience


Knolly Moles

Zach Deputy

And many more...